Black & Gold

Black & Gold



I have a burning passion for Abstracts! They leave so much room for interpretation and imagination. I have my personal interpretation for this piece, and I hope when you are looking close and admiring it that you let your mind run wild with the possibilities of what this painting is about.


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24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ear Wire

24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Plated Earring Bail


Watercolor Paints and Watercolor Paper

Photo Glaze or One-Part Resin

Each and every one of my jewelry pieces are One-Of-A-Kind!  

I do not Shrinky-Dink or make prints of my larger paintings, I simply paint a very small painting that will fit into the desired pendant. In doing this, each piece is unique, there won't be another girl out there wearing  the same jewelry!

I like to think of myself as a "Walking Art Gallery," because I wear around Original Paintings!  

*NOTE: The jewelry is water-resistant, but not guaranteed water-proof. Please do not wear jewelry in the pool, shower or any other body of water, or situation with a lot of water.