Payne's Gray and Terre Verte Earrings

Payne's Gray and Terre Verte Earrings


These upside-down teardrop shaped earrings add an edgy twist to an iconically delicate shape. Payne's Gray holds strong to the blue end of the spectrum, combined with the earthiness of terre verte, this is a match made in heaven! 

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Sterling Silver Ear Wire

Sterling Silver Plated Earring Bail


Watercolor Paints and Watercolor Paper

Photo Glaze or One-Part Resin



Each and every one of my jewelry pieces are One-Of-A-Kind!  

I do not Shrinky-Dink or make prints of my larger paintings, I simply paint a very small painting that will fit into the desired pendant. In doing this, each piece is unique, there won't be another girl out there wearing  the same jewelry!  

*NOTE: The jewelry is water-resistant, but not guaranteed water-proof. Please do not wear jewelry in the pool, shower or any other body of water, or situation with a lot of water.