Meet the Artist

 Alicia McGloon - Artist & Owner 

Alicia McGloon - Artist & Owner 

 Simply Divine Details Jewelry started in 2013 by artist Alicia McGloon to “make ends meet” while her husband was a full-time med student.

 Alicia’s passion for art, specifically watercolor, combined with her love of good quality jewelry has evolved into a beautiful brand of wearable artwork - and when we say wearable artwork, we mean actual, original, extremely tiny watercolor paintings! Alicia decided right from the beginning that prints of her art would not do, but that she was up for the challenge of hand painting each piece with the tiniest of brushes and the utmost attention to detail.

 When you buy Simply Divine Details Jewelry, you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece, just as unique as you are.


Interested in how the jewelry is made? Check out the About the Process page!




“I believe that original artwork should not be confined to the walls of a gallery or museum, but instead should be a part of everyday life! I want to create wearable watercolor jewelry that allows art to become an integral part in expressing who we are as individuals.”
                                                               - Alicia McGloon