Upcoming Summer Shows & Festivals

I have finally gotten acceptance letters from all the shows that I will be in this summer with my Simply Divine Details Jewelry booth.

Here's my list - you should try to make it to some of these great events! *wink wink*


  • 14th and 15th - The Allentown Arts Festival in Buffalo, NY - I am so excited to be a part of this festival! It will also be the furthest I have to travel I think. http://www.allentownartfestival.com 


12th and 13th - The Finger Lakes Wine Festival at Watkins Glenn International, Watkins Glenn, NY - I did this show last year and had so much fun, looking forward to it again this year ! http://www.flwinefest.com  

25th-27th - The Oswego Harbor Fest, Oswego, NY - Another one I did last year, this is one of my favorites because we set up right on the water, it's so beautiful! http://www.oswegoharborfest.com 


2nd and 3rd - Park Ave. Summer Art Festival, Rochester, NY - this is a new show for me, so I am eager to see how this one will go! http://www.park-avenue.org/park-ave-summer-art-fest.html 

16th and 17th - Sonnenberg Arts at the Gardens Fine Art Show & Sale, Canandaigua, NY - another new show, this one had very high standards for acceptance of applications, I am so honored to for the chance to have my art in this year's show! http://www.artsatthegardens.org 

21st - September 1st - THE NEW YORK STATE FAIR!!!!!! In Syracuse, NY - That's right, I was accepted into the NYSF! I can hardly believe it! Now, as long as I can come up with enough money to buy the booth space, you all can visit me during the 2 weeks of the fair (yes, 2 whole, long weeks… I am gonna be exhausted afterward). http://www.nysfair.org 

So that is the line up as of right now, applications for fall and winter shows will start coming out soon, and as soon as I know what shows I will be attending, I will be a posting!

Hope to see some of you at these fun festivals!