Bracelets For Days

It's interesting how our style changes over the years. When I was a teenager, I hardly ever wore necklaces, but wore the biggest earrings I could find and as many bracelets as I could fit on my arms.

Then when I started making jewelry, my style became more minimal, the earrings smaller, I did wear necklaces more frequently but I really didn't wear bracelets so much.

When I started looking into making bracelets, I had a really hard time finding a style that I really loved. I made a few styles that plenty of customers liked alright, but i didn't really care for on myself.

I've always felt that if I am going to put my heart, soul and time into something I should really love it -- and I wasn't feeling it with those bracelets (and some of the subject matter I was painting as well).

When I stumbled upon the simple adjustable bangleI have in stock now, it was like a breath of fresh air! Finally, a bracelet style that is more "me."

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