Special Thanks To All Who Helped Get this Kickstarter Up And Running!

I can not begin to express how grateful I am for everyone who helped me get this Kickstarter up and running! I seriously have the best support group on the planet!

Here's a special thank you to the people that helped make this happen:

Ryan McGloon - my husband, number-cruncher, biggest fan and moral support. He kept pushing me to do this KS, even though I was super scared!

Ian McGloon - my brother-in-law, he put together the video for me!

John McGloon -  my father-in-law, he did the music clip for the video and helped me edit the written parts of the kickstarter.

Olivia Corby - a good friend, she helped me get started with writing my story and coming up with ideas and plans for how to go about the whole project.

Marv and Kris Borst - my parents, they always encourage me and are super supportive of everything I do. They also helped by constantly sharing my posts and spreading the word. And they may not know this, but they are the one's I call when I need to knock my anxiety down a few notches, just talking through things with them is more valuable than I could ever explain!

The other creatives that I worked with and who so kindly wrote social media posts and blog posts about my jewelry and the KS: Angel Johnson, Pablo Falbru, Raney Wade, Jane and Shelin Blog, Main Street Arts Gallery and Kofi Sackey

I hope I didn't forget anyone!

Thank you all so much for your support, it means the world to me!

The Kickstarter is coming to an end this week, if you want in you need to get your pledge in by the end of the day Thursday!

photo cred: Kofi Sackey