Eight Years of Happily Ever After


This post is a week late... due to traveling, I just didn't get this up in time. Better late than never, right? Ok onward...

Eight years ago I married the greatest guy! Best decision I have ever made, for sure!

Ah, it's so crazy to think about how long ago that was now, eight whole years! We were so young and cute. Oh what adventures we have had and all that are yet to come!

I had not yet started Simply Divine Details then (that didn't come about until three years later), but I had always dabbled in jewelry making and so I made the jewelry I and my bride's maids wore.


I'm just going to throw this out there  --- If you or someone you know are getting married in the near (or distant) future and are looking for unique jewelry for the bride and/or bridal party, get in touch with me and we can create the perfect pieces for that special day!