Summer Reading List


I am going to be completely honest, I'm not one to do much reading. I so wish I was though! I love the idea of sitting in a comfy place and spending hours reading a good book.... But this is so challenging for me! I am a super slow reader and can't sit still long enough to get very far into a book, I end up needing to do something with my hands.

That being said, I keep trying to read anyway. There are a ton of books that spark my interest, now if I could just sit still long enough to get through them, haha.

I actually just finished Austin Kleon's two books (yes, two books!) "Steal Like An Artist" and "Show Your Work." Both are quick easy reads with great info, I really enjoyed them.

Currently I am diving into Lisa Congdon's "Art Inc."  - really good so far, but definitely going to take me a little longer to read!

Next up:

"How To Survive And Prosper As An Artist" by Caroll Michels

"The War Of Art: Break Through The Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles" by Steven Pressfield

"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron

"Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert


If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts!