If you follow me on Instagram than you may have seen last week that I was experimenting with a couple of new jewelry pieces.


The first was this bracelet style that I am testing out now. So far I am loving this sweet bracelet… This one may make the cut. ;)

Next up I played around with this Sterling Silver, Double-Sided Glass Locket. It is So pretty! I haven’t worn it around yet to see how it lays and moves during an ordinary day, so I will have to keep you posted on that. I do need to work on my cutting precision as I was unable to cut out perfect circle paintings.

My thoughts with a necklace like this is that it would be custom order based product, so the customer chooses the painting subjects, then later on down the road they can order new paintings to swap into the locket. Still thinking this one through.

I would love any feed back you have on these two pieces! Leave me your thoughts in the comments!